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If you’ve ever wondered how different numbers in formations on Top Eleven mean, how passing style affects the game, or simply how tactics work and impact your team in-game, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll break down the best Top Eleven 2024 tactics and formations.

We will ensure to explain from the basics so you understand in-game statistics and how to react to changes in a match effectively.

Understanding the Basics: Team Mentality and Focus Passing

Team Mentality: Attacking vs. Defensive

Attacking mentality creates more scoring opportunities but makes your defense more vulnerable to counter-attacks.

On the other hand, defensive mentality creates fewer scoring opportunities but keeps your opponent at bay.

Choose wisely depending on your playing style and the opponent you’re facing.

Focus Passing For Exploiting Weaknesses

Focus passing allows you to choose an area in the opponent’s defense where their players are weaker or underperforming.

You can concentrate your attacks there or, conversely, focus your attacks around your strongest player, the one who performs the best.

You need to keep an eye on your opponent’s player ratings to make informed decisions during the match.

Passing Style and Force Counter Attacks

Passing Style: Short vs. Long

Passing style affects possession.

Short passing leads to better ball control and possession, while long passing increases your goal-scoring opportunities.

If you’re struggling to maintain possession and want to keep the ball more, play short passes.

If you notice a low number of completed passes in your statistics, it’s a sign that you should switch to long passing.

Force Counter Attacks (with Caution)

Top Eleven Force Counter Attacks occur when the defending team attempts to win the ball back and attack.

Despite force counterattacks catching your opponent off guard, good teams will quickly figure out your weaknesses and exploit them.

This is because this type of attack will leave you wide open to their attacks when you play this type of game.

For this reason, we recommend that you use this drug with a cation or, better yet, only when it is absolutely necessary.

Defense Pressing Style, Tackling Style, and Marking Style

Defense Pressing Style: High vs. Low

High press means better defense but consumes more stamina, while low press means weaker defense but conserves little stamina.

So only select the play type depending on your opponent and the condition of your players.

Tackling Style: Balancing Defense

Tackling style determines how your players handle opposition attacks. Hard tackling leads to more opposition attacks ended by your defense but also results in more yellow cards. Keep it on normal most of the time, but consider using hard tackling when facing tough opponents.

Marking Style: Man to Man vs. Zonal

Marking style is one of the most critical defensive tactics.

Man-to-man consumes more stamina, while zonal consumes less.

In man-to-man marking, your defenders follow the offense and guard each player individually.

Zonal marking means your defenders maintain their positions and protect the goal from there.

Be cautious with zonal marking, as it can leave open spots in your defense that your opponent can exploit.

Adapting to Changes and Offside Trap

Offside Trap: Is it Effective?

The offside trap is an interesting defensive tactic, but its effectiveness can be debatable. It can be useful when you’re up against opponents who play a lot of long passes. If your opponent favors short passes, it’s better to keep the offside trap off.

Adapting to Changes

In Top Eleven, it’s essential to adapt to changes throughout the match. Your pressing style and passing style are tactics you may need to adjust multiple times during a game. Learning to react to the game and reading the statistics correctly will lead to significant improvements in your team’s performance.

Best Top Eleven 2024 Tactics and Formations

Having said all that, let’s get into the best Top Eleven 2024 tactics and formations if you need a more comprehensive guide, check out our best Top Eleven tactics and formations guide.

3-3-1-3 Formation

Top Eleven 3 3 1 3 Formation

Our fifth choice for the Top Eleven 2024 season is the 3-3-1-3 formation.

This formation has a solid defensive structure while providing offensive opportunities.

There are three defenders at the back, while three midfielders play both defensive and offensive phases.

Meanwhile, the lone central attacking midfielder in the “1” position becomes a key playmaker who is responsible for producing opportunities for attacks and also joining the attacks.

3-3-1-3 Tactics

In terms of team mentality, set it to “hard defending” to ensure a relentless defense.

Use passing down the flanks to take advantage of the pitch’s width and create chances.

Choose a mixed passing style to keep the opponent guessing.

Keep forced counterattacks turned off. This will allow for a more controlled build-up rather than relying on quick counterattacks.

Make sure you put in a press style on high, but ensure that your marking style is zonal, and that you play offside traps (Don’t off it).

3-1-5-1 Formation

Top Eleven 2024 3 1 5 1 Formation

Our third pick for the Top Eleven 2024 season is the 3-1-5-1 formation.

This formation thrives on a strong midfield presence, making it an excellent choice when facing tough opponents.

With five quality midfielders, you can lock down the middle of the pitch.

Your opponents will struggle to pass the ball through your well-fortified midfield.

However, there’s a catch.

The formation places a heavy responsibility on one lone striker who becomes the target for all passes.

This lone striker must act like a one-man army.

It’s a challenging role, yes, but if you sign a skilled and effective striker, it’s not impossible.

3-1-5-1 Tactics

For your tactics in this formation, start with “normal” as your team mentality.

To succeed with this formation, you must focus on passing through the middle, which means leveraging your midfielders. Strong midfielders.

In a match where your opponent has held possession for most of the time in a match, you should change into a counter-attack.

When they are in defense, opt for a high-pressing style to regain control of the ball.

But, monitor your players’ condition closely, as they will quickly get tired quickly.

If your opponent frequently employs long passes, activate the offside trap. If they favor short passes, keep it off.

4-3-3 Formation

Top Eleven 2024 4 3 3 Formation

Our second pick for the 2024 season is the 4-3-3 formation, known for its excellent balance between defense, midfield, and attack.

This formation provides you with four defenders, three midfielders, and three attackers, making it a formidable choice in most situations.

4-3-3 Tactics:

Start with “attacking” as your team mentality.

If you’re trailing behind, consider a “hard attack.”

In cases where you face an unbeatable opponent, switch to “hard defending.”

Your tackling style should typically be easy, and your offside trap should be off unless your opponent consistently utilizes long passes.

3-1-3-3 Formation

best Top Eleven 2024 Tactic and Formation is 3-1-3-3 formation.

Our top pick for the 2024 season is the 3-1-3-3 formation.

This formation places a strong emphasis on attack.

The formation also provides an extra layer of defense in the form of a defensive midfielder who can double as a defender or midfielder.

3-1-3-3 Tactics

For your default tactic, select “attacking” as your team mentality.

By positioning your three attackers in an advanced positioning, you can put high pressure on your opponent.

And this also means scoring goals will be often with this formation.

Nevertheless, focus on mixed passing and keep your counter-attack off.

Your pressing style should be low to avoid player exhaustion.

But maintain an easy tackling style and opt for zonal marking.

Keep the offside trap off unless you notice your opponent consistently employing long passes.

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