Top Eleven Playstyles: How to Use

Top Eleven Playstyle Progression points

A playstyle is how a player see and play, using their unique ability and roles in Top Eleven.

To know which player has a Playstyle on your team, head over to the Squad screen. Here, you will see players who have a Playstyle and how it aligns with your overall tactics.

You can go further into a player’s Profile, and you’ll find a detailed information about their playstyle in the Playstyles tab, including elements such as the Playstyle description, linked roles, current level, and progress tracking.

Types of Playstyles

Top Eleven Playstyles by positions

False Nine

The player with this special ability is skilled at driving the ball deep and creating danger around the box, forcing opponent defenders to move out of position.

Available to: Striker or attacking midfielder (ST, AMC) role

Target Man

The player with this special ability acts as a magnet for aerial passes in the attacking line – and then the player either finishes or holds up the ball for teammates to join the offensive.

Available to: Striker role (ST).


The player with this special ability is quick and skilled at connecting midfield and attack by moving the ball forward rapidly and providing technical and assisting skills. 

Available to: Attacking midfielder (AMC) role

Inside Forward

The player with this special ability cuts into open space to create scoring chances for strikers or faces the goalkeeper directly with the ball. 

Available to: Attacking midfielder (AMR, AML) roles


The player with this special ability is very deadly from the flanks with crosses, speed, and dribbling skills, causing trouble for opponent defenders.

Available to: Midfielder or winger (AMR, AML, MR, ML) role

False Winger

The player drifts to central areas to create numerous advantage in midfield, disrupting and overwhelming opponent defenses. 

Available to: Midfielder (MR, ML) roles on the wings. 


The player with this special ability adds dynamism to the midfield and feeds teammates with precise passing, creating space for teammates.

Available to: Central midfielder (MC) role. 

Box to Box

The player with this special ability covers a large area of the field, offering support to both attack and defense area.

Available to: Central midfielder (MC) role. 


The player with this special ability directs play with precise actions such as passes that initiate attacks from deep positions. 

Available to: Central or defensive midfielder (MC, DMC) role. 

Ball Winner

The player with this special ability is skilled at tackling and stealing the ball, holding the line, retrieving the ball, and passing it to playmakers.

Available to: Defensive midfielder (DMF) role. 

Anchor Man

The player with this special ability stands and anticipate in front of the backline. Also, when necessary the player distributes the ball forward.

Available to: Defensive midfielder role. 

No Nonsense 

The player with this special ability clears the ball in no time out of the defense area to eliminate the possibility of conceding.

Available to: Central defender (DC) role


The player with this special ability works to neutralize the opponent’s attackers with professional marking and tackling skills.

Available to: Central defender (DC) role.

Ball Playing

The player with this special ability balances the defense area to the defense midfield area by stopping attacks and smoothly passing the ball to the midfield or holding it to maintain control.

Available to: Central defender (DC) role

Full Back

The player with this special ability focuses on defense and is tasked with stopping hazards from the sides of the pitch. Occasionally, the player supports fast-paced attacks opportunity from the flanks.

Available to: Defender (DR, DL) role

Wing Back

The role of the player with this special ability is to exploit attacking opportunities, run up the flanks, overlap side midfielders, deliver crosses, and distract opponents.

Available to: Defender (DR, DL) role

Ball Playing GK (GK):  

Even as a goalkeeper, the player with this special ability contribute to the team’s passing game with precise footwork which is done to help build up offense or trigger counter-attacks with accurate passes.

Available to: Goalkeeper (GK) role

Sweeper Keeper

The player with this special ability plays outside the penalty area and these plays can include intercepting long balls and acting as an outfield player when necessary.

Available to: Goalkeeper (GK) role

Box Commander 

The player with this special ability remains in the penalty area both physically and mentally to intimidate experienced strikers while reflecting a stopping block on the goal line.

Available to: Goalkeeper (GK) role

Playstyle Potential and Categories

Top Eleven Squad and players

Just like in real-world football, not every player has the potential to develop a specific Playstyle in Top Eleven.

Those who do possess Playstyle potential can fall into one of three categories: Attacker, Midfielder, or Defender.

Each of these categories comprises several types, ranging from Poachers and Registas to Full-backs and Sweeper Keepers.

What’s fascinating is that each type corresponds to one or more predefined roles or positions on the field.

How To Unlock Playstyles

Top Eleven Player Profile

How do you make a player develop a Playstyle in Top Eleven? Well, a Playstyle only becomes active when you unlock it. To do that, you’ll need to gather Playstyle Points for a player, fill up the progression bar, and then tap to unlock it. Advancing to high levels in a playstyle follows a similar process.

Playstyles Levels

Each Playstyle has four levels or categories:

  1. Standard
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Master

But why is this significant? As you progress through these Playstyle levels on a player, the impact of your Playstyle on your players and their performance on the field increases. This allows you to further fine-tune your players and maximize their effectiveness.

Playstyle Points

Each Playstyle category has its unique variant of Playstyle Points, which can be applied to any Playstyle type within that category.

You can earn these points by participating in matches, training your squad, and receiving them as rewards.

Top Eleven Playstyle Progression points

To keep tabs on your players’ progress, regularly check the Match report, Training report, and Player Profiles.

When your progression bar is full, you can level up the Playstyle by using Playstyle Boosters.

These Boosters are universal, meaning they can be applied to level up any Playstyle, regardless of its category. Moreso, you’ll earn these Boosters as special rewards on a seasonal basis.

Tactical Aspect of Playstyles

Your role as a manager is to craft a winning strategy by utilizing your squad setup and Playstyles to your advantage.

Whether you need to break through a stubborn defense or focus on dominating the flanks, it’s all in your hands because Playstyles can be helpful elements in such cases.

You can outmaneuver your opponents by overwhelming their defenders with players who have the Playstyle of Box to Box or exploiting their weaknesses with forwards who have the Playstyle of strong Wingers.

Top Eleven Playstyle Icon in a match

Also, you have access to valuable information about your opponent’s Playstyles in Top Eleven. With this, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Note: Whenever a player engages in an action on the field that aligns with their Playstyle, you’ll see their Playstyle icon activate.

Keep in mind that a player has to be in their natural position before they can play while being influenced by their Playstyle.

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