FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for Standard, Ultimate and Legacy Edition

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30th, 2022, and will be the final collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA as they prepare to part ways after nearly three decades of partnership. FIFA 23 will be available in three different editions: Standard, Ultimate, and Legacy. Meanwhile, FIFA 23 will be the final game product developed together by EA Sports and FIFA before Electronic Arts, which also produces Madden NFL 23, transitions to the EA Sports FC game.

The FIFA 23 will be released in three editions: Standard, Ultimate, and Legacy Edition. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23 football game and its three editions: Standard, Ultimate, and Legacy Edition, FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for the Standard, Ultimate, and Legacy Edition, including FIFA 23 prices for the Standard, Ultimate and Legacy Edition.

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Standard Edition

FIFA 23 standard edition costs £59.99 in the United Kingdom and $59.99 in the United States. The next-generation models will cost £69.99 and $69.99, respectively. If you pre-order FIFA 23 Standard Edition as an EA Play subscriber, you are eligible for a discount of approximately 10%.

The standard game does include certain exclusive out-of-the-box add-ons, such as:

TOTW 1 Player Item

One of the 23 players chosen at random will be allocated to your FUT club as an untradeable asset.

FUT Cover Star Loan Player

For five matches, a standard loan item of Kylian Mbappe will be available to use in the FUT squad.

Pack Ambassador Player Pick

The initial player selection can be made from three EA Sports promotional players. They can be employed in the FUT squad for a maximum of three matches.

Career Mode Homegrown Talent

This is a general offer that does not apply to FUT. While beginning a new career mode, the young squad will have a player with the potential to become a future star.

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Standard Edition
FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Standard Edition

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Ultimate edition

The FIFA 23 Ultimate edition, which includes Sam Kerr and Kylian Mbappe as cover, costs £89.99 in the UK and $99.99 in the United States. Apart from the standard edition features, there is a slew of additional FIFA Ultimate Team products that elevate the Ultimate edition to the pinnacle of the series.

Early Access

Instead of September 30th, FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will be available for download on September 27th.

FIFA Points

EA will award 4600 FIFA points, which will come in handy during the FUT Draft.

Dual Entitlement

Through the Dual Entitlement offer, PlayStation 4 owners can easily upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version, while Xbox One owners can upgrade to the Xbox Series X/S version.

Untradeable OTW Item

One of the first special items is the Ones to Watch Out player item. You will receive one untradeable item at random for your FUT squad.

Untradeable FIFA WC Hero Item

Those who pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition before August 21st will receive a random untradeable Hero Player item that can be used in your team on November 11th.

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Ultimate edition
FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Ultimate edition

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus for FIFA 23 Legacy Edition

Only Nintendo Switch owners can get the FIFA 23 Legacy edition. For Nintendo Switch users, FIFA 23 will not receive the latest updates as such it will basically be FIFA 22, but players’ names, uniforms, and teams will be changed to the most recent versions.

Women’s Teams and Juventus FC

The Legacy Edition will include the freshly added Women’s teams and Juventus.

fifa 23 legacy edition

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus: FIFA 23 Standard Edition vs Ultimate Edition vs Legacy Edition

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus and RewardsStandard EditionUltimate EditionLegacy Edition
Team of the Week 1 Player itemYesYesNo
Kylian Mbappe loan item (5 games)YesYesNo
FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick (Son, Vinicius Jr, Davies)YesYesNo
Career Mode Homegrown TalentYesYesNo
Untradeable Ones to Watch Player ItemNoYesNo
4,600 FIFA PointsNoYesNo
Untradeable FIFA World Cup FUT Hero Player Item (before August 21st)NoYesNo
VOLTA FootballNoYesNo
Dual Entitlement: Free PlayStation 5 upgradeNoYesNo
Three Days Early Access (from September 27th)NoYesNo
Women’s Teams and Juventus FCYesYesYes
FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus and Rewards

FIFA 23 Pre Order Prices

FIFA 23 follows the same pre-order model as FIFA 22, so players could expect a Standard Edition and an Ultimate Edition. Here’s a breakdown of the prices players can expect to pay:

PlatformStandard EditionUltimate EditionLegacy Edition
Xbox One$59.99$99.99N/A
Xbox Series X|S$69.99$99.99N/A
Google Stadia$69.99$89.99N/A
EA Sports FIFA 23 Pre Order Prices

FAQs on FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonus

When Can I Pre-Order FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 pre order is from July 20. The official release date of FIFA 23 is September 30th.

How to Pre Order FIFA 23

EA Sports FIFA 23 will be released in retail locations globally, with digital versions expected to be available through your platform’s game marketplace. Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon are the most popular stores for those wishing to pre-order a physical copy of FIFA 23. There are other ways to pay and pre-order FIFA 23. EA Sports FIFA 23 is available for pre-order or purchase through online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Can You Get a Discount When Pre Ordering FIFA 23?

Those that pre-ordered FIFA 22 on their PC/ console main menu earned a discount. You can also get a discount if you buy the game and have an EA Play subscription. The reduction is 10%.

If you purchased FIFA 20, 21, or 22 via the EA app, Origin, PlayStation, or Xbox, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the FIFA 23 pre order price.

Will FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonuses Be the Same on PS4?

Yes, the FIFA 23 pre order bonuses that you get depend on the Edition you purchase.

FIFA 23 Pre Order Bonuses: Which FIFA 23 Version Is Best Buy?

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