DLS 23 Legends

Legendary players available in DLS 23

Picture yourself at the helm of your dream team, playing the legendary division with iconic football figures. Imagine how commanding the likes of Pele, Maradona, and Beckenbauer, will make an explosive impact on your game result. Legends like these, have been meticulously recreated in DLS 23 and can leave a lasting impression on your team with their unrivaled abilities.

Many iconic Dream League Soccer 2023 Legends were created and included in the latest DLS game by First Touch Games (FTG). This is to replicate classic players’ likenesses to ensure an unparalleled football gaming reality in DLS 23. Let’s dive into the old and classic world of Dream League Soccer 2023 Legends (DLS 23 Legends) in Dream League Soccer 2023.

Dream League Soccer 2023 Legends (Top 28 DLS 23 Legends)

  1. Pele
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Paolo Maldini
  4. Ronaldo
  5. Lev Yashin
  6. Franz Beckenbauer
  7. Oliver Kahn
  8. Peter Schmeichel
  9. Gerd Muller
  10. Alessandro Nesta
  11. Alan Shearer
  12. Johan Cruyff
  13. Iniesta
  14. Ronaldinho
  15. Wayne Rooney
  16. Roberto Carlos
  17. Zinedine Zidane
  18. Didier Drogba
  19. Carles Puyol
  20. Thierry Henry
  21. Steven Gerrard
  22. Xavi
  23. Cafu
  24. Kaka
  25. Andrea Pirlo
  26. Paul Scholes
  27. Frank Lampard
  28. Iker Casillas

DLS 23 Legends and Their Stats

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