EA Sports FC and Premier League Extend Licensing Partnership

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The Premier League has extended its licensing partnership with EA Sports FC with exciting new development that will see the association’s clubs, players, stadiums, and managers featured in EA Sports FC titles. The multi-year deal solidifies the longstanding relationship between the Premier League and EA, which dates back to 1998.

As part of the extended partnership, the Premier League aims to invest in communities and youth football through the EA Sports FC Futures label. This commitment involves creating programs and initiatives that will benefit schools and local communities.

Both parties are thrilled to be part of this exciting venture, and they have exciting plans for the future, including the continuation of existing projects and the introduction of new ones.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Through our long-term partnership, the Premier League and EA Sports have inspired generations of football fans, and we look forward to developing this in the years to come.”

The partnership extension coincides with the launch of EA Sports FC 24, a game that promises to be a significant evolution in the football gaming experience.

The partnership will ensure the ongoing presence of all twenty Premier League clubs in EA Sports FC 24 debuting September 29, 2023, and beyond.

This means all 20 clubs from the Premier League, including Manchester City, Chelsea, and Crystal Palace, as well as every player, will be featured in EA Sports FC 24.

In previous years, EA Sports FC has announced partnerships with more than 19,000 leagues and clubs worldwide, including the Women’s Super League (WSL) and La Liga.

Additionally, the latest reports have it that EA Sports has formed partnerships with the National Women’s Soccer League and the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association to further its commitment to women’s football.

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