eFootball 2023 Unlock Teams For PC (Version 2.3.2)

Madrid Chamartin B vs Manchester B in eFootball 2023

Konami has released another “recycling” update for eFootball 2023, taking the game from version 2.3.0 to 2.3.2. Although the update is large in size, it does not bring any new content to the game. Instead, it only includes a database update, bug fixes, and minor gameplay changes.

As with previous updates, each new update means that players must use a new patch to unlock all teams again. To download the latest patch, and unlock all eFootball 2023 teams on your PC, you can follow the guide below.


Back up your eFootball 2023 files

Download Patch

Extract Patch

eFootball 2023 Unlock team step 3

Extract the eFootball 2023 unlock teams file from the CPK folder

eFootball 2023 Unlock team step 4

After extracting, copy dt250_console_all.cpk and dt251_console_all.cpk files to the folder SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > eFootball > cpk. The latter folder directory is on your Local Disk.

Copy efootball.exe

eFootball 2023 Unlock team step 6

Select and copy efootball.exe to the folder SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > eFootball > eFootball > Binaries > Win64

Open eFootball 2023

Launch your eFootball 2023 game and go to Training Menu

Start A Free Training

At the Training Menu tab, choose Free Training

Enter Training Settings

When The Training begins, Pause it and go to Training Settings

Choose A Team

Select any team to play with and against for free

Return To Match

Go back to the Training Match to play the Training match

Final Words On eFootball 2023 Teams Unlock

The eFootball 2023 unlock teams patch should only be used for offline gameplay. If you want to play online, you must deactivate the unlocker. This is why it is encouraged you back up all original files as they are necessary for playing online.

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