FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22

FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22

With the release of FIFA 23, lots of video gamers are already comparing the new FIFA 23 game to its predecessor, FIFA 22. While there are noticeable differences between the two games, most players are wondering if the upgrade from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 is worth it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22, and see the difference between the two gameplay.

Realism in Players’ Faces

Vinicius Jr face in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22
Van Dijk face in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22

Realism in Running Work

According to EA, FIFA 23 received an advanced upgrade in development to better present the running motion of players in the game to be similar to real life. This feature was not released on FIFA 22.

Player face realism in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22
Vinicius Jr and many other top players received improved running style in FIFA 23 unlike FIFA 22

Finger Movement

The fingers of goalkeepers in FIFA 23 move when they get hit by the ball. Meanwhile, the fingers of goalkeepers remain all ‘stuck together’ even when fired shots at in FIFA 22.

Thumb movement of goalkeepers in FIFA 23 and none of such in FIFA 22
Oblak’s finger movement in FIFA 23


As you can see (in the image below) stadiums in FIFA 23 have better graphics than those in FIFA 22. In the comparison pictures below, football stadiums in FIFA 22 appear a bit blurry than football stadiums in FIFA 23, which appear clearer.

Stadium in in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22

Penalty Kicks

EA Sports redesigned the mechanics for taking penalties in FIFA 23 widely different from how it is done in FIFA 22. In FIFA 23, there is a new circle shape composure bar when taking a penalty. Moreso, FIFA 23 has a better intuitive aiming system than FIFA 21.

A penalty kick in FIFA 23 (left) and FIFA 22 (Rght)
A penalty kick in FIFA 23 (left) and FIFA 22 (right)

Grass Texture

Grass texture in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22.png

Gameplay Graphic quality

FIFA 23 uses HyperMotion 2 while FIFA 22 uses HyperMotion 1

Gameplay quality in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22.png
FIFA 23 in 8K and FIFA 22 4K.png


In FIFA 23, free kicks come with a quality assistant panel such as the direction of the ball, the distance from the goal, and an expected goal difference of the freekick. Players only get distance from the goal in FIFA 22 when taking a free kick.

Freekicks in FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22.png