eFooball™ 2023 v2.2.0 Carryover: The Complete Guide to a Successful Carryover

eFootball™ 2023

According to Konami, you can perform in-game asset and other data carryovers into eFootball 2023 when eFootball 2023 v2.2.0 update kicks in by November 2022.

Earlier, Konami released eFootball 2023 to start the football season with the latest football clubs’ emblems, strips, and players. Now, Konami scheduled eFooball 2023 v2.2.0 carryover process by November 2022 to allow football fans recreate their enthusiasm from real-life football in the eFootball 2023.

Below are all the details that will help you understand everything on eFooball™ 2023 v2.2.0 carryover.

Game Asset That Can Be Carryover in eFooball™ 2023 v2.2.0

  • eFootball™ Coins
  • eFootball™ Points
  • GP
  • Base Team
  • Nominating Contract
  • Chance Deals
  • Contract Renewal (60 Days)
  • Training Programs
  • Objectives
  • Avatar
  • Players
  • User Settings (Username, Country/Region, Date of Birth, Login Bonus)
  • Players (Standard, Featured, Trending, Legendary, Epic, Highlight)
  • Managers
Highlight Player Packs in eFootball™ 2023
Highlight Player Packs in eFootball™ 2023

Other Data That Can Be Carryover to eFooball™ 2023 v2.2.0

  • Your Game Plans (including those on your Game Plan List) will be carried over.
  • Your unclaimed Inbox items will be claimable once the update goes live.
  • Nominating Contracts that have already been claimed from your Inbox will be carried over.
  • If you have some players with remaining Contract Durations, they will be carried over too.
  • Your unused Contract Renewals (60 Days) and Training Programs will be carried over.
  • Your Balance Sheet and Match History will be carried over.
  • The (ongoing) Objectives you have in the prior eFootball version will be carried over.

Other Information About eFooball™ 2023 v2.2.0 Carryover

Know that if you are using consoles such as (PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam®) and your eFootball game account has a country/region of Japan, this will cause your eFootball™ Coins to have a validity of 180 days. This means, after the carryover, you must use your eFootball™ Coins before the duration of 180 days elapse or at best before the large-scale maintenance, planned for the v2.2.0 update in November, begins.

Two possible outcomes can occur to your chosen Base Team during the carryover.

  • If your prior chosen Base Team is part of the teams officially available in eFootball v2.2.0. You will have the freedom to continue to use the chosen Base Team intact. Meanwhile, you should know that team names, strips, and emblems may change due to the update in the latest eFootball game series.
  • On the other hand, if the team you used as your Base Team in the prior eFootball versions is not available in eFootball 2023 v2.2.0, you have no available option but to choose and start with any team that is available in the eFootball 2023 v2.2.0 update when you first log in. Meanwhile, if you will love to change your Base Team and its name at any point in eFootball 2023, go to Extras > User Information > Dream Team.

In cases where the Avatar you used in the prior eFootball versions is not available in eFootball 2023 v2.2.0, your Avatar details and setting will reset to default.

When eFootball 2023 v2.1.0 update takes place, you will be able to check a result page where you can find game assets which are ineligible for carryover. All the game assets that are ineligible for carryover will be converted to GP equivalent to the GP value of that game asset.

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