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FIFA 23 Leagues Voting Poll Report

After FIFA 22 video game, FIFA and EA Sports will give us another exciting FIFA 23 game. And this time, football fans and loving game players of the yet-to-be-released FIFA game have made over 300,000 votes from around the world — despite many rumors surrounding FIFA 23 release date. Gamerina discovered that at least fans from 108 different nations submitted their FIFA 23 league votes on FIFplay to decide which football league should be in FIFA 23 season game.

The latest results of the FIFA 23 league vote results were recently released by FIFplay. Between 20 October 2021 and August 17, 2022, football fans voted for 108 leagues to be included in FIFA 23. Below is the FIFA 23 league vote results.

FIFA 23 League Vote Poll Report & Survey Results From 20 October 2021 to August 17, 2022

FIFA 23 League Vote
RankLeague NameFIFA 23 League Vote PercentageTotal No. of FIFA 23 League Votes
01Egyptian League17%69,235
02Algerian League10%41,626
03Moroccan League9%34,902
04Iranian League9%34,185
05Greek League5%18,188
06UAE League4%14,733
07Israeli League3%13,733
08Ukrainian League2%9,906
09Czech League2%9,326
10Albanian League2%6,354
11Kazakhstan League2%6,230
12Indonesian League2%6,063
13Finnish League1%5,509
14Cyprus League1%5,463
15Tunisian League1%5,438
16Vietnamese League1%5,436
17Venezuelan League1%5,334
18Bulgarian League1%5,003
19Malaysian League1%4,998
20Honduran League1%4,812
21Jordan League1%4,811
22AFC Champions League1%4,229
23Uzbekistan League1%3,678
24Hungarian League1%3,649
25Turkish TFF 1. Lig1%3,115
26Italian Lega Pro1%3,092
27English National League1%3,010
28Welsh League1%2,802
29Croatian League1%2,413
30Spanish 3rd League1%2,393
31Portuguese 2nd League1%2,368
32Nigerian League1%2,355
33CAF Champions League1%2,352
34Kuwait League1%2,191
35Paraguayan League1%2,138
36Thai League1%2,131
37Azerbaijan League1%2,024
38Ecuadorian League1%2,011
39Iraqi League0%1,966
40Slovakian League0%1,861
41Qatar League0%1,798
42Colombian 2nd League0%1,607
43Women Bundesliga [Frauen-Bundesliga]0%1,600
44Lebanese League0%1,568
45Uruguayan League0%1,561
46Dutch 2nd League0%1,526
47Estonian League0%1,370
48South African League0%1,353
49Brazilian League [Fully Licensed]0%1,284
50Romanian 2nd League0%1,266
51German 4th Division [Regionalliga]0%1,261
52Macedonian League0%1,246
53Scottish 2nd League0%1,201
54Oman League0%1,128
55Kenyan League0%999
56Canadian League0%987
57United Soccer League [USL]0%959
58Kyrgyzstan League0%951
59Georgian League0%916
60Philippines League0%798
61Armenian League0%796
62Serbian League0%786
63Russian League0%763
64Palestine League0%668
65English Women’s Super League0%667
66Mexican 2nd League0%659
67New Zealand League0%568
68Peruvian League0%553
69Syrian League0%550
70Libyan League0%491
71Slovenian League0%453
72Polish 2nd League0%434
73Bosnian League0%424
74Afghan League0%380
75Northern Ireland Football League0%279
76Bahraini League0%247
77Bangladesh League0%246
78French 3rd Division [Championnat National]0%243
79Sudanese League0%238
80Belarusian League0%232
81Swedish 2nd League0%212
82Argentina 2nd League0%195
83Belgium 2nd League0%180
84National Women’s Soccer League0%172
85Hong Kong League0%167
86Costa Rican League0%163
87Guatemala League0%155
88Yemeni League0%150
89Lithuanian League0%148
90Bolivian League0%130
91Swiss 2nd League0%128
92Jamaica League0%125
93Austrian 2nd League0%120
94Australian 2nd League0%105
95Central Europe Women’s League0%104
96Singapore League0%101
97Kosovo League0%92
98Salvadoran League0%86
99Icelandic League0%80
100Maltese League0%75
101Luxembourg League0%54
102Greenlandic Championship0%49
103Gibraltar League0%43
104Brazilian 2nd League0%41
105Maldivian League0%27
106DPR Korea League0%25
107Panamanian League0%22
108Nicaragua League0%14
000Total FIFA 23 League Votes399,082
FIFA 23 league vote results

It is the goal of this poll to encourage EA Sports to license FIFA franchise leagues for this year’s game. A report will be sent to EA with a copy of these FIFA 23 league vote results.

It is even more likely that new leagues and new teams will be added since EA Sports are still developing the game and FIFA 23 release date has not been officially announced. This may lead to the creation of new leagues and new teams, adding to the over 700 teams in next year’s game, FIFA 23. Football fans are also anticipating the coming year’s game and the season will include the world women’s game popularly known as the women’s world cup, the women’s football national league.

Whether it is new leagues or your favourite league that is added, it will definitely include new teams excluding Russian clubs such as Spartak Moscow and Lokomotiv Moscow. The addition of new teams will also see new player licenses added to Volta Football, as well as career mode in the FIFA game. And yes, the new league additions will undoubtedly be available on FIFA standard edition and FIFA ultimate team edition. Even with all these, EA Sports FC is expected to have even more new leagues when it finally launches on a yet-to-be-announced official release date in 2023 as EA SPORTS promised the “independent platform will bring fresh opportunity…”

How to Cast FIFA 23 League Vote for a League You Want in the Game

You can vote for the league you would like to see included in FIFA 23 year game by visiting FIFplay’s FIFA 23 league vote page. You can then make your FIFA 23 league vote for your favourite league via the voting form. You can vote for the league you want to see added to the FIFA 23 Leagues list to increase its odds of being added. The result can help EA Sports rightly decide what football leagues will be included in its upcoming season game.

FAQs Related to FIFA 23 League Vote

What New leagues Will Be in FIFA 23?

Several new leagues will be debuting in FIFA 23 for the first time, as EA is clearly looking for changes in the game series. As of now, Dexterto has confirmed that EA Sports will feature new five leagues in FIFA 23 game. They are FA Women’s Super League (England), National Women’s Soccer League (USA), Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany), Division 1 Féminine (France), and Vanarama National League (England).

Will There be More National Teams in FIFA 23?

image 26

It has been revealed that FIFA 23 will feature 16 new national teams, according to reliable FIFA leaker @DonkTrading. All 16 qualified national teams have qualified for the World Cup 2022, so they will feature as licensed World Cup content in the game.

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