eFootball 2022 myClub

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 myClub is the most famous football in-game mode by Konami where you can build your super team. It is a game mode in which you must sign and test players, managers, and their tactical fit in order to build your dream team. The more you play, the more Game Points (GP) you will earn.

Why eFootball 2022 myClub?

For years, myClub and Master League have been Konami’s most popular modes. The goal is to assemble your dream team by selecting the best players for each position. For comparison, this will look very similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team (despite a number of differences). With eFootball 2022 dream team, you can compete online or against the computer for game money (referred to as GP) in order to recruit better players/managers and renew your team’s contracts.

eFootball 2022 myClub Release Date

The image below shows that the eFootball coins were supposed to be available on Thursday, November 18th, implying that eFootball 2022 myClub was supposed to be available on this date. However, Konami has pushed back the release date. myClub will be available in the spring of 2022.

efootball pre order bundle
FALSE PROMISES – We’ll have to wait a little longer for eFootball 2022 myClub

The more you play, the more experienced your players will become, and the higher their stats will rise. Players’ condition ratings are updated weekly; if they performed well in real life, they have a higher chance of performing well in eFootball 2022 game (this was known as “Form” in Pro Evolution Soccer). These all make things more challenging and interesting in the Konami football game.

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