Master the Art of Dribbling Like a Pro in eFootball 2022

Dribbling is awesome in any match, but how to actually do it effectively can be a very challenging task. Nonetheless, dribbling is a technique you can develop in eFootball 2022 just like any other in football games.

New strategies and tricks have emerged within the latest release of Konami’s popular football game, eFootball 2022. Using the most powerful dribbles in eFootball 2022 will give you an edge over your opponents. Meanwhile, there is a slight difference in how players dribble in the Konami game compared to the FIFA game by EA Sports. In eFootball 2022, during dribbling, the left stick is your main companion, although a few buttons must be pressed simultaneously. 

eFootball 2022: Best Players for Dribbles 

In eFootball 2022, performing perfect dribbles requires a certain skill level or rating in a certain set of players. Here are some players in eFootball 2022 who have the top-rated skill level and are capable of performing not just ordinary dribbles, but the best ones in eFootball 2022:

  1.     Lionel Messi 
  2.     Cristiano Ronaldo 
  3.     Neymar Jr 
  4.     R. Lewandowski 
  5.     K. Mbappé 
  6.     K. De Bruyne 
  7.     M. Salah 
  8.     E. Haaland 
  9.     J. Kimmich 
  10.     H. Kane 
  11.     V. van Dijk 
  12.     Vinícius Júnior 
  13.     N. Kanté 
  14.     J. Oblak 
  15.     Housemiro 

For your training and dominance, we have divided each move into smaller parts. You can learn how to dribble in eFootball 2022 by following this guide. 

Type of DribblesControls
Ordinary DribblePush the left stick
Ball Touch ControlUse the left stick and RT/R2 to move in whatever direction you want
No-touch controlLet go of the left stick while dribbling in eFootball 2022
Incisive TouchRelease RT/R2 after pressing fully during a dribble
FixedHold RB/R1 + right stick while standing in front of the ball
Quick stopRelease the left stick to either side and press down RT/R2 
Protect the ballSqueeze LT/L2
Type of FeintsControls
Step OverRelease the right stick after you must press it when attacking
Body DribbleMove the right stick up and down and release. Press either side of the left stick after that
Simple PedalingMove the right stick up or down when attacking and release. Then, press the left stick in any direction. In order for the player to pedal, he must have the ability to pedal in the game.
Single pedalThe right stick can be used to do this. Push up or down and release. Next step, press the left stick to move backward in any direction. 
Multiple pedalingAgain, “Pedals” ability is key. To do the multiple pedaling dribbles, while attacking, free the left stick. Next, push up and down on the right stick (or vice versa). After that, press either side of the left analog stick
Pull and tap on the outsideHold the right stick back while moving the left stick downward or diagonally down
Pull and tap insideWith the right stick pushed back, then move the left stick forward to play forward or diagonally up
L-feintHold the right analog stick back then hit the left analog stick upward to attack. This dribble can only be performed by players with the “Letter and Tap Feint” ability in eFootball 2022
Cut inwardPush the left analog stick diagonally down after holding the right analog stick backward. “Letter feint” is a necessary ability for the player
Outside Pull-InPress the left analog stick diagonally up after you must have held the right analog stick down when throwing to attack
Inside Out PullWhen playing to attack, hold the right stick up and press the left stick diagonally down
Rubber BandHold the right analog stick down and press the left stick diagonally up when throwing to attack. It is necessary for the player to have the “Elastic” ability
Reverse rubber bandPress down diagonally on the left analog stick while holding the right analog stick up when playing for an attack. Having the “Elastic” ability is necessary
360 SpinHold the right analog stick forward while pressing the left analog stick down or up
Double-tapPress the left stick forward, diagonally down, or up while holding the right stick down or up to attack
Flip CutTurn the right analog stick forward and move the left analog stick diagonally up or down when throwing to attack
HatThe right analog stick should be held and the left analog stick should be pressed either way. In eFootball 2022, this dribble is only possible when the ball is lifted or bounced
Letter HatHold down the right analog stick, then move the left analog stick to any side. “Hat” or “Heel Tap” skills are essential for this move
Cow DribbleHold down the right analog stick and press the left analog stick toward your opponent. “Hat” skill is a must-have
KettleDouble-hit the right stick twice in a row

How Do You Do Skill Moves in eFootball 22?

How Do You Juggle in PES 2022? 

In eFootball 22, juggling does not require a skill rating. Every player in eFootball 22 can juggle with the ball. If you want to juggle with a player in eFootball 22, you need to do the following instructions or pictorial guide: 

Step 1: Pass the ball to a player you want to juggle the ball within a match. 

Step 2: Before the ball touch the player’s (recipient) leg, hold R3 

Step 3: Keep holding R3 as the ball goes into the player’s possession — this will allow the player to keep juggling the ball continuously.

Manutd players in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba receives the ball in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba with the ball up in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba juggles the ball with his knee in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba juggles the ball up in eFootball 2022 game
Pogba juggles the ball with his chest in eFootball 2022 game
Juggling step 8 in eFootball 2022 1
Pogba dribbles Cavani in eFootball 2022 game

eFootball™ 2022 – Advanced Dribbling Guide (Controls)

Type of Dribbling MovePlayStation Controls Alternative PlayStation ControlsXbox ControlsAlternative Xbox Controls
Close controlR2 + LSR1 + LSRT + LSRB + LS
Dash dribbleLS + R1LS + RTLS + RBLS + RT
Speed burstDouble-tap R1 + LSDouble-tap R2 + L2Double-tap RB + LSDouble-tap RT + LS
Knock on (when stationary)R2 + RS in any directionR1 + RS in any directionRT + RS in any directionRB + RS in any direction
Quick stopRelease LS + R1Release LS + R2Release LS + RBRelease LS + RT
Quick stop then face opposition goalRelease LS + R2Release LS + R1Release LS + RTRelease LS + RB
DiveClick L3 + Click R3 + L1 + L2Click L3 + Click R3 + L1 + L2Click LS + Click RS + LB + LTClick LS + Click RS + LB + LT

How to Dribble in eFootball 22 Mobile


Dribbling is a key part of the eFootball 2022 game, and there are many different ways to do it. The most important thing is to practice and find what works best for you. This article provided some tips on how to dribble in eFootball 2022. If you found it helpful, be sure to share it with a friend so they can also improve their PES game.

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