EA FC 24 Release FC Pro Esports Ecosystem: $1 Million For Rewards and Other Things You Need To Know

You are currently viewing EA FC 24 Release FC Pro Esports Ecosystem: $1 Million For Rewards and Other Things You Need To Know

EA Sports has introduced the FC Pro Esports ecosystem for its latest installment, EA FC 24. This revolutionary change is set to redefine competitive gaming by fostering inclusivity, offering enticing rewards, and signaling a promising future for the football game franchise.

A Three-Tiered Approach: FC Pro Framework

The FC Pro framework comprises three pivotal segments: FC Pro Open, FC Pro League, and FC Pro World Championship. These segments will collaboratively determine the world’s most skilled EA FC 24 players.

FC Pro Open

Date: (October 2023 – February 2024)

FC Pro Open is a monumental step towards inclusivity in competitive Esports. Newcomers can qualify for Division 4 in Division Rivals before the cutoff date, allowing them to compete in Pro Ladder games.

The top-ranked players from ten global regions will convene in London, competing for a remarkable $1 million cumulative prize pool.

FC Pro Leagues

Date: (February 2024 – May 2024)

FC Pro Leagues establish a bridge between EA Sports and football leagues worldwide, including the Premier League and La Liga. It’s an invite-only competition for EA FC 24 pros representing iconic football clubs.

These athletes will compete for exciting rewards, regional honors, and coveted positions in the final FC Pro World Championship.

FC Pro World Championship

Date: (June 2024)

The apex of professional EA FC 24 Esports, the FC Pro World Championship, will feature the 32 best virtual athletes from the season. They will vie for a share of the $1 million prize pool and the prestigious title of the inaugural FC Pro World Champion. Among these elite players, four will emerge from the FC Pro Open, while the remaining 28 will earn their spots through the FC Pro Leagues.

An Exclusive PS5 Experience

FC Pro is exclusively designed for EA FC 24 gameplay on the PlayStation 5. This platform ensures that gamers can compete at the highest level, making full use of the game’s new features and mechanics. This begins this October as FC Pro Open welcomes the world’s best players to compete against each other.

Register for FC Pro.

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