FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store (FIFA 23 FUT Store)

A. Davies, Son, an Vinicius in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store, also known as FIFA 23 FUT Store, is a virtual marketplace through which you can purchase packs such as player packs and FIFA Points in FUT 23. All your prize packages and player picks are tracked by the FIFA 23 FUT store.

FIFA 23 Coins

FIFA 23 coins are in-game virtual currencies you can use to buy the packs, and player cards in the FIFA 23 FUT store and market.

FIFA 23 Points

FIFA 23 Points are a virtual currency you can only use in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (not FIFA 23 Standard or Nintendo Version) to purchase packs and players to boost your Ultimate Team composition. You can spend these points in FIFA 23 FUT store and FUT Draft entries.

FIFA 23 Packs & Bundles

To personalize and enhance your club, you can purchase packs, bundles, and individual products in the FIFA 23 FUT store. Below are all the different types of packs, and bundles in FUT 23.

  1. Gold Packs: Gold Packs can be bought on a regular or sporadic basis using FIFA Coins and Points.
  2. Bronze & Silver Packs: By using FIFA Coins, you can buy Bronze & Silver Packs in the store.
  3. Promo Packs: On specific occasions, promotional packs will show up in-store and be available for purchase via FIFA Coins and Points.
  4. My Packs: Your Player Picks and Rewarded Packs will be kept “My Packs” for you to redeem later on. You have full access to My Packs which contains pack benefits, weekly FUT Champions, and FUT Rivals rewards.
  5. Bundles & Individual Items: In the FIFA 23 Store, you can buy both bundle items and individual items to customize your club.

FAQ on FIFA 23 Points

  1. To Purchase Items From The Store, Do I Need Coins Or Points?

    Yes. To purchase packs, you need to use FIFA coins or FIFA points except for the packs in the MY PACKS storage tab, which is designated to keep packs gained as rewards.

  2. What Is A Lightning Round?

    A lightning round is a pack offer round in the FUT shop where the offer’s duration is set to a specific amount of time. A constrained global number of packs are to be offered on Lightning Rounds. Therefore, service begins with those who arrive first. On the other hand, there is no cap on the number of promo packs that can be purchased by a single user, so long as they are not all gone.

  3. When Does The FUT Store Refresh?

    In most cases, promo packs are updated once each day at 6 o’clock UK time, unless it’s a lightning round. Only when a new FUT season is released are seasonal bundles and items updated.

  4. Do I Need To Use Coins Or Points To Purchase Items From The Store?

    Yes. Except for the packs in the MY PACKS storage area, which is allocated to keep packs received as incentives, you must use FIFA coins or FIFA points to purchase packs.

  5. Can I Refund My Purchased Packs & Items?

    The packs and points you buy from the FIFA 23 FUT store are not refundable.

  6. Are My Reward Packs Permanently Stored Under My Packs In FUT Store?

    As long as the FIFA 23 servers are operational, your prize packets kept under My Packs will remain there, unless they are gifted or awarded per specific time restrictions.

  7. Is There A Reason Why The Store Sometimes Isn’t Available?

    A FUT Store is always open. It may occasionally be briefly unavailable due to server maintenance at EA or a problem with your connection.

  8. Is It Possible To Purchase Items For Another Person From The Store?

    Unfortunately, FIFA 23 FUT store does not allow for gift purchases to be sent to friends.

  9. How To Access FUT 23 Store

    Navigate to FUT Home > Store menu, you can access the FIFA 23 FUT store.

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